ALL CAPS project

ALL CAPS project

Evidence of sustainability

No glass was bought especially for this project, using scraps and encouraging the circular economy by sourcing pieces over time from second and third parties such as glass artist friends handovers / swaps, Done Deal, Facebook’s local market. The steel chain was bought from a second hand shop in Clonakilty and repurposed. The piece was fired once for 10 hours in a small Paragon kiln suitable for both clay and glass with low impact for household use.

Design of the gender equality declarative word piece. The glass letters are made from Bullseye scraps of glass cut and stacked in layers to be fused together. Used different forms of scraps from stained glass, clear, stringer, dichroic. Used the stringers in a vertical/horizontal display as an inherent symbol for equality. Used dichroic glass for the symbols expressing their trans-mutational properties. This piece is meant to be a part of a future series on declarative statements such as INCLUSIVITY, DIVERSITY, DIFFERENTIATION.


This piece of glass jewelry serves as more than adornment; it is a bold declaration—a testament to my values and aspirations. Just as Barbara Kruger utilized public spaces to provoke thought with her confrontational statements, I believe wearable accessories hold similar potential for political expression, igniting dialogue and reflecting the evolving fabric of our culture, one striving for universal improvement.

Since childhood, I was somehow unfazed by societal expectations, evolving into a spirited tomboy during my teenage years, often seen donning my father’s sweatshirts. I delved headfirst into the digital realm as a female coder and web designer, only to confront the stark reality of gender pay disparity, which fueled my frustration. Trying to express something I started wearing pink items earning me the moniker “the pink apocalypse”. I am dedicating this piece to my younger self and people that want to declare it.

My journey has always been guided by a fervent dedication to fostering inclusivity and diversity, with a steadfast belief in the principles of equality and equity. As a Romanian immigrant immersed in the vibrant Irish community, I am privileged to actively contribute to cultivating an inclusive and sustainable society, embracing my role as a global citizen.

Reflecting on the evolution of jewelry from the ostentatious displays of status in hip-hop culture to symbols of empowerment like Michelle Obama’s iconic “Vote” necklace, I find glass to be a poignant metaphor. Its transf-mutational properties, from a material compound, with solid-liquid alchemical interplays, mirror the journey of self-discovery and expression, offering boundless opportunities for personal narrative and societal reflection.

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