Stained Glass Award

Stained Glass Award

This stained glass award was commissioned by Tech Industry Alliance (TIA) for the South-West’s tech and digital economy selected leaders. TIA Leaders Awards 2022 had eleven winners in different tech and innovation categories including: St Vincent’s Secondary School, Andrew O’Shaughnessy, ICBF, Keelvar, Dairymaster, ENERCON, valid8Me, VMware, as well as Cork City Council, Cork County Council and Kerry County Council chairpersons.

The design of this stained glass award takes its inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s Mechanical Wing Devices. Embracing both artistic and scientific genius, the artist is well-known for the emblematic smile of Mona Lisa, but also for the numerous visionary mechanical studies and ideas among which of driverless cars, humanoid robots and primitive computers.

The award was conceived from recycled materials such as the glass from old family picture frames and the copper from old poitĂ­n installation pipes recovered from the gravel of an Irish cottage building site in West Cork. The stained glass copper assemblage is rooted in terracotta clay, an Icarian symbolism of visionary insight of technology and sustainability.

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