Sea Spectrum Rising - Ana Maria Surdu
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Sea Spectrum Rising

Combined Materials, Cover, Sculpture
About This Project

A combined materials fantasmagoria on a wire mesh sculpture. The objects used were also previous studies in paintings, drawings and other combined material installations such as the razor clams, fishbones, bits of plastic net and brown wrapping paper. This piece draws a sculptural conclusion to the extend of use of various beach findings in telling the theme’s story.

Materials used:

Wire mesh |  Tissue paper | Crutch | Driftwood | Plastic bag | Plastic net | Razor clams | Barnicle shells | Fishbones | Coralina Algae | Wool |


A simple torso is shaped from the mesh wire and covered in tissue with a mixture of PVA, water and a coppery subtle paint. This form sits on a used crutch with its end stuck into a piece of driftwood found on the beach.

A main piece of jewlery is displayed on the torso. From a neck based piece of wool like a white cloud hangs  a found breastbone with blue plastic net sticking out of its holes. This supports the main part of the jewlery, a piece of discarded painted wood in different shades of blue on which a metal disc is applied surrounded by fishbones as wings. An “evolutionary” spine made of four aligned fishbones emerge from a coraline algae. This piece symbolises the ancestral tree of life and the bond in between Earth, Sea, Air and Spirit. As everything took off from the mother sea with eukaryote algae that first processed light as energy from sun, life took an evolutionary arch, jumping from form to form, from seaweed to plants to animals and humans, shapeshifting and mulptipling to embrace light and sun through interior processes or by developing outside technology. Plastic is a debris of ultimate creation that entangles and curls lifeless on life, but that can be reused and set back in its functional quality.

A found Drinagh plastic bag is applied on the body as skin and a silver lining in between plastic and body is sketched by a discarded aluminium foil. Razor clams and fishbones are applied on the left side of the body, while on the right side barnicle shells and winding blue plastic net are set on.
This Sea Spectrum emerges from its collective memory towards the Sun as a Free Soul/Libera Anima.