Student ProjectsBiomorphic Car

Biomorphic Car

This exam brief was given to a 1st year group working under the theme Nature’s Treasures. In order to enhance their imagination they were asked to come up with a concept car that is inspired from nature based on an organic primary source. To add more meaning and enhance their reflective skills, the student was asked to design the car thinking of the green energy it uses or can convert and to have a secret power that helps the environment.

Goal: You will draw a car inspired by shapes, forms and textures found in nature. The car is sustainable, uses green technology and must have a superpower that helps the environment.
Process:Draw your car by using organic shapes and textures inspired from nature and select max 4 colours (analogous and one complementary).Draw the background using expressive marks.Pay attention to the Art Elements: line, shape, form, tone, texture, colour. Hint: establish the light source to know where the shadows are.Write a short description of your car, inspiration, the green technology it uses and one superpower that helps the environment.
Materials: A3 exam paper (provided), bring primary or secondary sources to observe, bring coloured pencil and/or markers, get your sketchbooks from teacher before the exam.

Inspiration: Junior Cycle Scamper Poster

; Credit: 1st year students of Sacred Heart Clonakilty, 2023-2024;
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