Student ProjectsBiomorphic Outfit

Biomorphic Outfit

This exam brief was addressed to a 1st year group where several have learning difficulties. The class had also missed three out of six classes of drawing under the theme Botanical Illustration. I planned an exam that would involve the figure already in place for the students to focus on the learnt Art Elements through the interpretation of a primary source. I addressed the meaning of their creation into the environmental and sustainable context and I asked the students to imagine a secret power that the outfit must have.

Goal: The student will begin by drawing on the figure model an outfit inspired by organic shapes, forms and textures found in nature. The outfit is sustainable and must have an environmentally friendly power that enhances the outfit: sun, wind, rain, night..
Process:Handout exam paper with model.Draw your outfit by using organic shapes and textures observed from the primary sources you will bring to the exam (ex: plants, mushrooms, feathers)Pay attention to the Art Elements: line, shape, form, tone, texture, colour.Select your colour palette and draw the colour tones next to them.Draw the background in complementary colours, either outdoors / indoors.Write a short description of your outfit, inspiration, the green power that it uses and how it transforms it.
Materials: A3 exam paper (provided), bring organic materials to observe, bring coloured pencils, collect sketchbooks before the start of the exam from the teacher.
Inspiration: Junior Cycle Scamper PosterCredit: 1st year students of Sacred Heart Clonakilty, 2023-2024;
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