Narrative Games with Graham Tugwell was another brilliant workshop organized by Oide Creativity. It was a good opportunity to see how to bring game-play strategies into the classroom.

On the basis of Dungeons and Dragons, the workshop participants built a fantasy world, creating characters and teaming up to save the world from the monsters.

The core of this game system relies on roleplaying, which supports collaborative and inclusive storytelling.

The host, an experienced narrative game designer of Dungeons and Dragons, directed the game, setting rule-based narratives that encouraged teamwork and cooperation.

I could see this developing into a full unit of learning with different disciplines interplaying: building the world and regions (drawing and painting), building characters (self-portrait or portrait), drawing comic-style scenes, narrative reflections, etc.

The fictional world is based on the good-fighting-evil principle, which can be easily customized with relevant bits of reality such as climate change, biodiversity, etc.

Another version of this narrative can be future/utopic cities with application to the SDG.

Another good read on how this was brought into the classroom here.

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