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Hybrid Creatures

I planned this exam brief for a group of first years that were studying the Art Elements through drawing under the theme Animal Portraits. During their studies, the pupils used various animal models as primary sources. For the December exam I asked them to pick two animals and combine them into a hybrid with environmental friendly superpowers. For the exam preparation they planned sketches and reflected on their hybrid story.

Goal: Student will draw a hybrid creature from two observed animal models. The creature has a superpower that helps the environment. The superpower can be either physical, elemental or psychic.

Select two animal models, combine them. Pay attention to Art Elements: line, shape, form, tone, texture, colour. Draw the background in complementary colours. Write a short description of your hybrid creature, name and a green superpower that it has and helps the environment.
Materials: A3 black paper (will be provided), oil pastels, collect your sketchbooks from the classroom.
Inspiration: Junior Cycle Visual Art Scamper poster and Irish Mythological Hybrid Creatures;

Credit: 1st year students of Sacred Heart Clonakilty, 2023-2024;
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